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About Me

Hi there! I am a French cosplayer passionate about this universe since 2012, however I exercise recently, so I have very little to show, but not for long!
Indeed, those among you who do cosplay know how expensive this passion is, especially when you start.
It is partly for this reason that I created this website, on which I intend to put on sale many things that will be useful to all, and which will allow me at the same time to be able to invest more in my passion.
If you want to know more about me I invite you to visit the About Me page 🙂

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About This Website

I will put most of my blueprint on sale on the website, as well as some patterns and other things to come.
I invest a lot in everything I do, especially when it comes to cosplay, so the blueprints and patterns I make are of high quality. I want everything to be perfect, and I am not afraid to go into the details, but it takes much longer.
There is not the blueprint of the prop you want in the shop? No problem! You can send me an e-mail via the contact page or post a message on the forum explaining what you want, do not forget to accompany your message of a reference image!